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Hunan province please navigation auto parts co., LTD.
The company research and development, design, mold. Production and marketing in one of the glass fiber reinforced plastic. Manufacture of carbon fiber composites. Mainly in auto parts company specialized in car. With drift team's suppliers around the world. Products 90% exported to the United States,...

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Advanced production equipment

Users set up with the companyLong-term and stableContact, timely obtain various opinions about the product and user demands

According to user requirementsTo the scene(or guide users) for product installation debugging.

I company for regular maintenance serviceService and regular serviceWe will according to customer needs, according to the maintenance plan of a product or service items prescribed maintenance categories of services on a regular basis and provide due to an accident in the process of transport and use you need to provide services on a regular basis 。

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Dear friends: Is an autumn in October, and is loaded with the season of harvest, after several times through the hone, please to successfully listed in this year, striding forward in the direction of the new,...
New composite materials for
In order to let the rockets higher temperature tolerance, engineers invented the strong and lightweight, silicon carbide fiber composites will be thinner than a human hair silicon carbide fiber embedded in the ceramic medium....